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Dragon Age: Inquisition- Audio suddenly stopped working. (No Sound!)
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I was playing through Fallow Mire. And I just gotten close to the castle area near the ned of the map, when suddenly my game audio cut out. I kept fighting and reached the castle, hoping it would eventually resume, but it never did. I know my companions were suppose to be talking because the speech icons next to their names would come up. Nothing is wrong with my tv, because I switched back to the normal tv input and the audio was fine. I even went to the DAI options and toggled with the audo to no avail.


So I quit out of the game and performed a restart on my XBOX 360. I reloaded a previous save and I had sound again, but as I eventually got back to the castle in Fallow Mire I lost audio again. I got a little farther this time but it was still around the same spot.  I tried fast traveling back to beacon spots, but it didn't work. Than I fast traveled back to Haven. Still no sound. I went to talk to Cullen and couldn't hear a thing.


Plz help. This game was going so well until tonight.

Who Me Too'd this topic