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DA:I Graphic and Dialogue Glitches, Missing Sounds
★★★ Newbie

I have had several issues with NPCs falling through the ground (notably requisition quest giver in the Hinterlands definitely at the camp by the farm). Also, on the loading screen there is a weird black box or outline at the bottom right corner around the icons or just in general while on the loading screen. I have also seen a drop off in the fps quite a bit.


Dialouge had also been an issue. It is glitching to where it won't let me select any options or will freeze up and I won't be able to do anything but close the game.


Also later last night in battle the sounds just stopped. Some of the sounds were coming through but none of my attacks were sounding and then all at once they cam back in.


Anyone else experiencing any of these issues??? I should also mention I'm on PS4... LOVE the game, but I wish these things weren't happening. 

Who Me Too'd this topic