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Weapons automatically fire without user input
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I have started game time for BF4 on PC and on the first mission my weapon is automatically firing without any user input.
I mean after i go through the building and meet up with the 2 other squad member and waiting for the 4th member of the squad, after NPC Pac says to take ammo from the pile near the window and shooting is activated , my weapon starts to automatically fire without any input from myself , it stops when i switch to single shot but then i cannot shoot at all when i try with user input, and starts firing automatically without user input when i switch back to full auto.

It is making the game unplayable for me and is kind off wasting my game time......


And this apparently happens in online play as well , and when i noticed when switching to single shot the weapons fires a shot after i jump but then it just wont do anyting.....


So i guess i can cross BF4 from my to buy list.

Who Me Too'd this topic