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Club Pogo sign in
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I've been a Club Pogo for 8yrs.. 


Now I can't sign in--all I get is, not Club Pogo.


  I can't even find my account. 

I even tried re-registering and, since no account exists, I paid $39.99 thru. Paypal.

  Even that didn't work. 

I'd like a refund of  the Paypal payment to my Visa card on file in my account. 

I had 353,000,000+ Tokens and 104 gems. 

I don't want to lose those or all of my Clue games I bought and the claire Hart games I bought.

The sign-in page accepts my username and password, so it's not that.  It doesn't even register that I've signed in.

Please help me.

Margaret [Personal information removed for security reasons]

Who Me Too'd this topic