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If I'm not contacted by support im gonna write a damn letter.
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I'm tired of playing EAs run around with support. I've been having issue for about a month. First it started when I bid on a player. The network cut out and I never got my bid back. Lost about 25k. Contacted support twice to no avail. This has happened on about 4 separate occasions on bids more than 20k. Every time I contact support I get the same email that redirects me back to where I started. Now today I had played the very last most feared event. I won by a landslide. Right when I pressed ok to head back to the main menu the network cut me off and I had never received my earnings... This happens occasionally. I demand something to change because that's plenty of progress I could have had that I lost. And EA apparently doesn't want to do anything to help. This is my last attempt to contact you through support and my next will be formal letters to EA demanding something in return until I get it. I'm waiting.
Who Me Too'd this topic