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Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2
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I contacted ea support and was told to post here about my issue. I am speaking on behalf of a large group of battlefield 2 playstation 2 fans.

The game was taken offline a few months ago due to the gamespy shutdowns. A fan made server then went on for a small bit after but was stopped. What we are asking is that this game should be brought back online. Ideally on an ea server but we would also settle for one maintained by players who are being guided by ea.There is still a large fan group for this game and it would be wasted and stupid for it not be online. We understand it would take time to create a new server and respect this.

We look forward to a response,
Battlefield playstation 2 community


An update of my request that fits more prominently at this time;

Bf2mc ps2 was taken offline due to gamespy shutting down. This has brought an end to a real classic and still highly liked game. Account creation is still possible through fan made servers. The only thing needed to bring back online multiplayer is a dedicated server. Unfortunately we require codes from ea to bring this back. What i am requesting is that all the required info is made public to bring back a truly great game. There is someone who is willing to host a dedicated server but needs files from ea to do this.

I know you may say we don't let people "mod" our games, but in the announcement of it being shut down they said fan options are being considered, well here is one please support it, you would make so many people happy by doing this

Thank you and see you on the battlefield
Who Me Too'd this topic