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[ARCHIVED] Broken and 'broken' achievements
[ Edited ]
★★★ Guide

Current List of Broken Achievements


  • Old Lace --> Removed
  • Basketcase --> Potentially fixed. Feedback welcome
  • Can Reproduce --> Removed
  • Horticulture Shock --> Removed


Original post in Spoilers



1. Hidden achievement Problem Child is impossible to get (assuming the requirement we were hinted on is correct).


Maxing mischief skill on a child or on teenager doesn't unlock it. Those same two sims, a child and a teenager, declared parents enemies, again the achievement won't unlock. Teenager sim did master mischeef aspiration. No use. Finally the child and teenager sims went all way down with grades, now are F graders, yet the achievement doesn't budge.

I wonder what is "problem child" supposed to be in this game. Standard smile



2. WooHoo! achievement is impossible to get.


My sim woohooed all these on pics that have not small pink line and not red line - all off them except one were NPC sims created by Maxis and were never ever a part of my household:



3. Old Lace achievement is impossible to get.


Tried by junkbarbarian with killing NPC sims by getting them super angry, no achievement, his pic:

Tried by me by rocket doublewoohooing NPC elder sims, no achievement, my pic:

I killed these Maxis' NPC sims: Haeju Robles, Osvaldo Padgett, Tristen Guzman, Matt Mead, Bonnie Koenig, Itzel Gilchrist, Kaci Panero, Brandon McDermott, Emilie Yarbrough.
Some were already old, some I've aged up to elder with birthday cake ("age up sim" option on a cake if you're talking to that sim).



4. What Would It Be Like text description is not correct.


It will not trigger if your sim woohooed ghost sim before that sim becoming a ghost and is now woohooing that ghost. The achievement text should say "woohoo with a ghost sim for the first time".



5. Ghost Family text description is misleading.


You definetly have to put 8 ghosts in one house and then play that house.
But those ghosts don't have to be a family of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, etc. They can be nonrelated. And it's good that it's made like that because many players have glitches with ingame relationships currently.

The better description would be "Have a household of 8 playable ghosts".


Who Me Too'd this topic