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Sims suddenly just stand there idle
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I have played my 5 people family for some time, but suddenly my Sims seem to be entirely apathic. They stand there for hours, doing nothing anymore, standing around in an idle animation, but not moving an inch, unless I command them to do something. They use the toilet, eat and sleep when the need is red, but they do nothing else at all.

I tried to change options, I had them set to active, and it had worked all the time. I had this bug so far only with Sims I played longer in a career. My Sims I played only briefly remained actived. I moved these Sims out into a new house, where they resumed activity, but when I moved them back into their old house, they again just stood there. I built that house extra for them, so I dont wan't to abandon this house or this family. But it is unplayable now for me.

Is that some known bug? I didn't change any options, either. I reset options, I used the debug reset. Nothing. I really have this nagging feeling it starts to get worse the longer I play. (Like, the longer I play the faster stuff gets broken, until virtually every 15 minutes a toilet or sink broke.)

Their idle animation looks like this:

IMPORTANT: I had a long thread in the community forum, where we tried out various solutions:

- it was clear the options were not the issue. The game was set to free will.

- The Sims family did act normal when visiting another place.

- The Sims family acted normal moving into another house, but when moved back into the original house, they returned to be idle.

- The Sims lived in a house I made, they lived in it a long time, and I placed various career items, frogs, stones they gathered asf.

- Someone else downloaded my house and had the same issue, so it was NOT limited to just my computer! (IMPORTANT)
- 2 other people I know have the same issue, both ONLY with families who had a career and they had played a longer time

- Conicidentally the furniture seemed to break more and more frequent, but this may or may not be related.

- Changing to another family and then back did not help.

- Resetting the Sims did not help.


IMPORTANT: When I moved the Sims out, removed ALL furniture, moved them back and and started to redecorate all anew, they apparently seemed to behave normal again. So apparently some furniture may cause this. Maybe not immediately, but cumulative. This is a not easy to get issue, so I assume it is created cumulative over time. I did change nothing, but all of a sudden this passiveness began. Please look into this!

I have uploaded the house as "Riverside Motel" as my ID "elikal71", and also my family "Hardy", which I play in it. You may try to see it for yourself if you can replicate the bug. I will anwer all questions. The forum thread from the Sims forum has some discussion with ideas of others, too.

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