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Wild plants won't grow
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I'm playing the Sims 4 and my Sim is a gardener, and I'm trying to find all the seeds that can't be bought in a seed pack (lemon, onion, potato, etc.)

I have found locations of said plants in multiple places around the two neighborhoods, but the plants never grow to a stage where I can harvest them. I have tried resetting my game, I've waited multiple days in-game to see if they just needed more time to grow, but I've gotten no results what-so-ever. No matter what plant I try to harvest, even flowers, my only options are to "view" and "take a cutting". The harvest option is there for some of the plants, but it's unselectable and I recieve a message that says "There is nothing to harvest, try again later." (And of course, when I go again after a few days have passed, there's still nothing to harvest.) 

Any help would be much appreciated, and thank you in advance.

Who Me Too'd this topic