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[Solved] [PC] Kasumi: Stolen Memory DLC Crashing at the end of loyalty mission.
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The ME2 DLC Kasumi: Stolen Memory is crashing at the end of the loyalty mission.

I have no trouble doing the mission itself, but when I get to the mission summary and want to press [EXIT] the screen goes black (not blank) and it crashes to desktop, everytime at the same place. 


I checked on the old board for any solutions and it seems they found 1, but it isn't working for me.


Old board thread of the problem:


I've tried everything that thread suggested and even the "add parameter" fix didn't work. They seemed to think that the problem was that the game was trying to use a loading screen that wasn't there. So my next step is trying to replace that loading screen with another one. Though I think it won't work.


I've contacted the Support but the problem was forwarded to the game specialists, they would look into the problem. But that can take years, especially since this problem was noticed 3 years ago and still no official fix of the problem.


Now I am trying to get some attention here so we can hopefully fix this problem (somehow) otherwise hope I can get my money back, don't want to pay for anything that wont work. 


There is another thread that posted the same problem, but not much attention to it. 



My computer specs are as follows:


CPU: i5 3570k

GPU: Gigabyte geforce gtx 660 2gb overclocked version

Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LX

PSU: Corsair HX-850

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LP 4x 4gb. (16gb)

OS and Game drive: AData SSD 128 gb.



OS: Windows 7 ultimate 64bit Latest update

GPU Nvidia drivers latest update

Mass Effect 2: Latest update and all DLCs except Genesis.

Modified Coalesced for better mouse sensitivity. (Have tried doing it without modified also)

Who Me Too'd this topic