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Unable to Connect to Origin
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Everytime I try to play my sims games, i keep getting the "unable to connect to Origin" message. I have uninstalled origin and re installed it and it still hasnt worked. My sims 3 launchers update is i am not sure if that is the current update, but everytime i click Game Updates its says its the current update. ( just making sure incase that is the problem


Can someone help ?? this is annoying...


I posted this September 2nd/2014..

Today is September 11,2014.


I still have no resolved the issue with this cause I cannot figure out what is going on.... I am a huge fan of SIMS. I have 489 hours put in.. and thats not even included what i have played from when i first started playing it. It'd probably be close to 1000 hours. I am addicted.


I would like to be able to play this again... I am so dissappointed that I cannot figure this out.

Who Me Too'd this topic