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online pass that comes with Sims 3 for xbox 360
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Hello ,

 I am trying to figure out why my daughter can not get online. I purchase the Sims 3 game (xbox360). It came with a "ACTIVATE YOUR ONLINE PASS" plus the 166 digit code. I entered it in and it took but the screen or connect with online people never showed. I followed the steps.


1)  press the xbox symbol on the controller

2) navigate to market place

3) select "redeem code" enter code and enjoy...

                                 but like I said I don't see other people online nor do I see a access to click the tab for online.


Is there another add-on or is that is how its going to view? 

Also I see that you can purchase a online pass for 800 points is that the same pass that came with the game?


thank you and have a blessed day,

Lisa Marie

Who Me Too'd this topic