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[PS3] How to transfer ME1 Shepard to ME2?
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I purchased the Mass Effect PS3 Trilogy when it was released.


I have just had the pleasure of beating the first Mass Effect. When I press the "Resume" option in ME1, I reload to a save before a fight with Saren/Sovereign. (The battle starts right away!)


When I start the second Mass Effect, where is the option to import my Shepard from ME1? Did I have to do something in the first game to have access to this option? I really would like to see my same Shepard!


More Info:

When I press "New Game" in ME2, the options I have are: Male or Female.


I hit male since my ME1 Shepard is a male. When it comes to character creation time I looked for an import option and couldn't find it.


~~~~I just downloaded the patch. My internet was faster than expected! IT WORKS!


Where exactly should the option come up? In the title screen? Or during character creation?


Does this have anything to do with the 1.04 ME2 update? I haven't downloaded that since my internet is slow at the moment.



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