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Why Can't I Contact EA for Help???
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I've been attempting to contact EA for about 30 minutes now. First, I tried going thru Origin's Help function (that USED TO work). Then I tried Google'ing the phone number. The lattter just referred me to their useless help website (


Here's why EA's help is useless... see attached pic (if I can successfully attach it and post this)....


Basically, I get to Step 4 in requesting help and find there are no selections. I can choose the back button and that's it. The form is asking me to choose which contact method I'd prefer. Well, I'd prefer to be offered one for starters!


I can't believe EA is so incompetent in so many regards. First, their games are often notoriously buggy on release, 2nd they have a terrible reputation as a sweat shop for their workers, and 3rd now their new help system is absolute **bleep**. I suppose I should not be surprised that at launch it doesn't work. EA should hire more QA people and fewer developers.


Seriously, what is up with the new help site? if you won't allow customers to use any other method to contact you for support, it should friggin work for Pete's sake. I've tried this on 2 diff web browsers, so I know it's not an IE conspiracy.

Who Me Too'd this topic