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[Info] Why do I get a download error for my Game Face?
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Community Manager (retired)

**Please note: The steps below may not work for all players experiencing an error. If these steps did not fix the error, rest assured our team is investigating and working on a resolution as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience.

If you're having a problem or experience an error when downloading your Game Face*, you probably just need to link your Origin Account to your Console Persona--your PSN ID or XBL Account.

*Note: For best results, if you already have a GameFace created, for best results, update your existing Gameface by changing it to the “Fighter” type, and re-upload.  

You can check if your Origin Account and Persona are linked by logging in to and looking under the Connected Account section.  If it reads No connected accounts, or is linked to the wrong account, simply contact us for help and an advisor will be able to sort you out. 


If you're having problems download your Game Face and your Origin Account and Persona are already linked properly, make sure you've downloaded and installed, or retry downloading and installing, the Unity Web Player, an essential aspect of Game Face implementation. The Unity Web Player page even tells you the version you currently have, or whether you've even, installed on the right side of the page, making it easy to check if you're up to date.

Who Me Too'd this topic