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At least trying out the game
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I really want to at least try out Titanfall, i've waited for it a long time, but i'm not able to buy it cause financial problems, usually i try to get the get from other, free sources (legally). I subscribed for the beta, but i couldn't use it, because i haven't got the e-mail when i finally got the beta, so i missed my chance to try it. Now it is free for the weekend, but as far as i see, i won't be able to try it out this time neither, because i cannot download it faster, than avarage 100kb/s in spite of my 25mbit/sec network connection. I've literally spent all my time from Friday to find out if the problem is with my network, or if there is another way to download it faster, but no solution yet. I would like to know if there is another way, to download it faster, or play the game. Thanks for reading, i'm looking forward to any help.

Who Me Too'd this topic