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EA banned my account for buying coins from a third party (youtube promotions)
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EA banned my account for there my brother bought coins from a third party. In the beginning I was furious because I wasn't aware of this and the banned my account without any warning. I invested at least 300 euros when FIFA 14 came out in buying coins and creating a great team. Yearly I easily spent 500 euros in this game and do this glady beacause I lik palying FIFA and sharing that experience with my brother. 


It clearly stipulates in the general conditions that buying coins from a non register third party can get you your account banned (my brother, 17 years old, was unaware of this offcourse). I sent an email to accountsdispute... and they told me that after verification they took the right decission. Never having sent me proof of this, what I kindly asked them to do. OK, I accepted the ban.


But the Origin told me they lifted the ban and the only conflict remaining was with EA (3 months passed by in the meantime). Since then I have sent them allready close to 25 emails and I never received a reaction. My season ticket was not refunded (packs you get for free when you take yourself a season ticket, etc...)


The I think to myself that EA could have the curtosy to answer my questions and the descensy to reimburse me for the products I never received fully. And then offcourse I would love them to lift my ban, 3 years of FIFA going to waste because of a mistake of a minor is a bit exagerated (no recidivism on our behlf, we learned our lesson).


I would love to call EA headoffices to explain my problem and to finally get some help on this matter because I will not give up my account nor the money spent on it!


If no descent response comes on behalf of EA I will gladly go with this problem to press isntances, because your forums are filled with these kind of allegations and frankly your customer service really is below par. Allthough the game advisors are extremly friendly I have to say.


Thank you for having taken the time to read this.


Hope to hear from someone whome can really help me quickly.


Yours truly



Who Me Too'd this topic