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Mass Effect 2 (PC) - Hardware Not Supported
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So, after deciding to pick up the Mass Effect series again to do another playthrough, I've encountered a problem when I made my way to Mass Effect 2.  For some reason, when I started it, it gave me a 'Hardware is not supported' error, stating that performance would be reduced.  I had no problems running Mass Effect 2 on my laptop a few months ago, but now, for a reason I have not found yet, the performance of the game has dropped drastically.  I can no longer have it playing with all the graphical options in effect, and even when I turn off everything (including dynamic shadows) I experience frame rate loss in game and it drops more when I'm in combat.  This is the only game that I've played recently that has had this issue, and theo ther two Mass Effect games (Mass Effect, Mass Effect 3) are not experiencing the same issues that I am having with Mass Effect 2.


I have tried uninstalling Mass Effect 2, removing all data, closing all background programs (including my virus scanner), rolled back my graphics driver, reinstalling Mass Effect 2, and it is still giving me the same error.  I have tried finding other similar questions that may have been answered, but was unable to find any.  If a problem such as this has already been solved, I apologize for being unable to find that answered question.


The specs of my laptop include:

Windows 7 64-Bit

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M (Driver version: 331.82) (was version 332.21)

8GB Ram


I would also like to point out that Mass Effect 2 has no problems on my desktop, just my laptop.

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