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I can't go online on my origin account.
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I can log into my Origin account but it says that I'm offline and when I try to go online, it won't let me. I went to the website to see if others were having this problem and at first it seemed as if I wasn't the only one having the issue because I saw others addressing the same issue I'm having on your website, but they all said when they tried to log in, they'd get a red error box. I'm not even getting that, nothing happens at all except for the fact you can see that I'm clicking the go online button! My internet is working just fine! So I have no idea what the problem is! If you could help that would be amazing! Sims was giving away Sims 3 town stuff for free only today and now I can't get it because my account won't even go online. This is so upsetting.

Who Me Too'd this topic