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Can't access your BF4 Premium DLC? Solutions here for the Xbox One!
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Ok so I also was one of the people who could not access any of my premium map packs for Battlefield 4. It was driving me insane and I looked through the store and everything to find out why it said I didn't have it or it was missing. Here is a solution for anyone on the Xbox One who is having problems with the DLC portion! Please share this with others so everyone can fix their problems too:


1) Hover over your Battlefield 4 icon on the dashboard.


2) Once hovering, press your Menu button (the one with three lines; start, etc.). Click on "Show all add-ons".


3) Once you have clicked on that, you should come to a screen that shows your add-ons. Click on your Premium icon.


4) After you have clicked it, you should get a screen saying you have it installed/ or has not been installed yet. (The screen has a picture of Battlefield 4 Premium on the left and another picture with the caption above it saying "compatible with" on the right)


5) Now scroll to the right where you will see Premium's content and what comes with it for the DLCs. It should say "Add-ons" at the top of three pictures each captioned with the DLC names including the Premium.


6) Click on the DLC you need to install (that the game said you never had which in my case was Second Assault), and then click INSTALL!



And there you have it! Unfortunately the HTML for this post wouldn't let me upload the images for the steps, but if you have questions post them here. I saw many posts relating to this problem and when I found out how to fix it I got so overwhelmed with joy I had to share this with you guys. I hope this helps with your problems! Happy Gaming!

Who Me Too'd this topic