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Invalid email/password error
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Currently I can log into directly or from The Sims 3 Game Launcher but once the game loads to where you can either start a new game or load a saved game it no longer automatically connects to and it gives me this error message: “Invalid email/password! The email address or password is invalid. Please try to log in again.” The Sims 3 Member Login box then pops up but it gives me the same error message when I try to login through that. I also tried going through the Options menu/Online tab in the game to login but got the same error message. I just started to get this error yesterday. It worked fine the day before. I contacted support yesterday and they sent me a link to change my password which I did but it didn’t solve the problem. I tried changing my password a couple of more times from the link that support emailed me as well as directly in Origin but that didn’t fix it either. I've already read where a bunch of people have deleted all of their games and reinstalled everything and all that kind of stuff to no avail so I'm not going to even waste my time doing any of that. Surely EA has to have a simple fix for an ingame login problem and I just haven't been able to find it yet? 

Who Me Too'd this topic