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Battlelog unlocks for vehicles out of sync with game
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For almost all the vehicles I have used I have experienced that the web version of battlelog is out of sync with the in-game situation. Progression is correct in-game and I can equip the stuff I have unlocked. However in the web version it seems to be lagging several unlocks behind. I cannot change the loadout of the vehicles and service stars do not show up correctly. If I change the loadout in-game, the loadout show up correctly on the web, even though the unlock progression claims that I have not yet unlocked the stuff I have equipped.


In the beginning the unlock progression is correct, but then suddenly web battlelog "snaps" back to an earlier progression level and keeps lagging behind.


Example: The loadout screen correctly displays that "Active Protection" for attack boats is equipped, but the unlock list shows that I'm only about 1/3 into "Laser Guided". If I click on Active Protection in the loadout screen, it will show it as equipped even though it is not unlocked yet 8which is incorrect).

Who Me Too'd this topic