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Bright particle effect (Possibly Bloom) Unable to see anything BF4
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There seems to be an issue that my friends and I are experiencing with the graphics in game.


Its Highly noticeable on operation locker, on the outside part and the light transition from inside to outside.


--Some scenarios--


Looking outside from within the building, the outside will be nothing but a WHITE screen, as I approach the outside the light begins to fade (Slightly)


When standing outside, the snow is extremely bright and illuminant (blinding) also the snow particles that move across the screen simply block my view because its nothing but a solid white image.


I also have difficulty using a scope due to the scope becoming completely white when viewing through it. Though when unscoping and re-scoping quickly, I can see again for a brief moment and then the blinding light returns over time. 


I had this issue on BFBC2 but that was easily fixed due to editing a file graphic variable.


Anyone recognize this issue and possibly have a solution? This video shows some of the effects.

Who Me Too'd this topic