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Create a World 'Edit in Game' doesn't work with the Go Social version of the sims 3 base game
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I re-purchased the Sims 3 base game about a month/two month ago, and like to create worlds which my computer can run. Though, since purchasing the new version which is now 'Go Social' and opens through Origin then the Launcher, the Edit in Game tool for CAW no longer works? I've searched on the internet for a solution and the only solution I've been able to find is to re-purchase the game again, but as I am nearing the £200 spent on the series, I'm not willing to do that... I've spoke on live chat to someone about this issue and they, unable to tell me anything about the issue redirected me here.

Is there anyway other than rebuying again, to get Edit in Game to work? It doesn't work because it has to launch through Origin then the Launcher and by this time, CAW has reloaded itself and cancelled the Edit in Game. I've tried looking through the files in the 'Program Files' -> 'Electronic Arts' help folder and nothing. My launcher is patched upto 1.57 and I'm not patching again until I've purchased Into The Future.

Who Me Too'd this topic