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Sims 3 won't load past black screen, immediately 'stops responding'
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I've had Sims 3 for ages, and besides constant meteor showers (which went away), never had any problems with it at all. Out of nowhere, it stopped working a few months ago. I hadn't downloaded any new mods before for a while, and I think I hadn't updated it before hand (this was a while ago).


Once I get past the Launcher, it opens up a black screen with the loading circle. I can still move the circle around but nothing else happens. I've left it for over half an hour and nothing happened at all. When I opened up Task Manager and stuck it in my second screen then tried to open the game, after about 4 seconds the status immediately changes to not responding. Each time, I have to use Task Manager to close the game.

After hunting on the forums, I tried removing all my mods, including clearing out all the necessary caches. Still nothing. I tried removing all Downloads too. Nothing. I used Steam to verify the game cache and it said that a few files were missing.


Getting sick of this and finding no help online, I decided to uninstall the game completely. I doublechecked that all files relating to Sims 3 were gone from the computer. 24gb of Steam game downloads later, the game was finished redownloading completely. And still it does not work. None of my computer specs are the issue, my graphics card is great and I've got plenty of room on my C drive, not to mention the game was working just fine before. I have absolutely no mods or downloads installed, as it's a fresh start.


I'm at a complete loss on what to do. I'd rather not email EA directly just yet because I've had a heap of issues when it comes to problem solving Sims 3 in the past. Any ideas?

Who Me Too'd this topic