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F.A. Premier League Manager 2002
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★★★★ Novice



Bit of an old game and blast from the past as this was the last in the series.


My friend and I play this for nostalgic reasons and I've gone through several discs in the hope that each time the glitch ruining the multiplayer gameplay was not an inherent flaw in the game, unfortunately it seems like it is.


Was there ever a patch to correct the glitches found in the game as I still feel a duty is owed to those who are fond of this franchise, I know there are communities out there who still play this.


The glitch was in multiplayer with 2 players, player two upon constructing a training centre couldn't hire a coach, or any staff for that matter. The staff would glitch and after accepting the job offer, would join player one's staffing team... There is seemingly no way to rectify this.


This glitch makes multiplayer largely unplayable and unenjoyable.


There are other glitches which I would of expected to have been fixed.


Could you guide me to a patch or give me an update please?

Who Me Too'd this topic