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TheSims3Launcher Has stopped Working. Please assist!
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Hi All,


I've been having serious issues with the sims 3. I had issues first when I tried to install paradise island, and then I proceeded to wipe everything Sims 3 related from my machine and try installing again. Now I can't even get the base game to launch. As soon as I click "Play" in origin, I get an error Sims3Launcher has stopped working. I tried to follow the advice of clicking the executable file in the folder to completely bypass the launcher, but I get the error "Unable to launch game, Origin is required to play this game. If origin is installed please contact customer support"


So basically I can't launch it from origin, or from doing anything in the folder. I contacted live support and they had me update to the current patch, yet my launcher is still broken. My DxDiag is available here


My issue has been elevated to a specialist team, but I don't have much hope for that turning out well. Any advice you guys might have will be much appreciated.

Who Me Too'd this topic