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how people saying that bf1 and bfv is better than bf2042? all 3 are crap
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The last good battlefield was bf3 and bf4. Since bf1 they removed all good features from bf game like battlelog for stats and join yyour teammates easier. Vehicles on bf1 same as bf2042 are slow to aim and drive making them less fun. Maps has huge open spaces. The visuals also on bf1 was worse in terms of dark areas and colors.


Weapons was like  pp guns on bf1 and they started to change the class system to worse. and now we have the abomination of specialists.

They wanted to bring back the bf moments that bf4 gave but since bf1 the gameplay is boring.

They added more realism to vehicles but at same time we get flying squirells and cavalry that need 13 bullets to die(on bf1)


They must bring back the same gameplay.on vehicles as bf4 -  same class system and a battlelog to easy create teams and join servers and then you have a good bf game

Who Me Too'd this topic