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Wrongfully banned from Battlefield 2042
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Hi there!

I've been recently banned from Battlefield 2042 due to cheating on my main account. This ban occured on 05/Dec/21 5:44 PM UTC. I'm writing this from my second account because I cannot dispute anymore. I've sent three ban appeals including 3 Gameplay clips and tasks.csv with process_list.txt (Task manager processes that were running in the background while playing Battlefield 2042). To be honest they probably didn't even look at the files.

When I got a pop up from Origin saying "Your account has been disabled." I panicked. I didn't know what to do besides contacting EA support but apparently they denied all my ban appeals. I tried calling EA support but I would always get "We will inform the ToS team about this case" or something like that but still denied. I have pre-ordered the standard edition and started playing since the global game launch. I was automatically disconnected midgame and received that Origin notification bottom right corner. I don't know what to do anymore, I can't dispute / email them at all. I guess I'm blocked from contacting support permanently and my ban will never be reverted. Yes, I do know that writing here won't help me and there is no point but I just wanted it to get out there.

Processes that were running in the background while playing the game:
GeForce Experience
GXT 890 Keyboard Driver
Opera GX Browser (For music mostly)
Wallpaper Engine
Core Temp
Easy Anti Cheat

Tunnel Bear (VPN but didn't use it.)

OBS Studio
Logitech Gaming Software

Who Me Too'd this topic