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Banned for no reason and the TOS team use of bot for autoresponders
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    Im an Apex legends fan and player from Asia.It is an honor for me to be with APEX from its release until season 10. But unfortunately, I got the wrong ban.

    The reason Im posting here is because Im frustrated that the TOS team only sends me autoreply emails, and I suspect they haven't checked my account properly


    **My eaID is Tychus_Xiaoyi and email is [edit: email address removed]. Game profile 500 level. I request you to unban my APEX account.

    On how I got banned: 

*Two days before I was banned, I played Apex over the weekend as usual. Recon is not my strong suit, so I chose Crypto to complete my "scan 20 recon beacons" task. But strangely enough, I disconnected from the server every time I found a match(or loading level). The error code is "Leaf".  I was confused, so I finished "scanning beacons" that day and quit the game.


*The day I was banned: I chose Loba to play a few games in the middle of the day, and then I took a nap because I was sleepy. A few hours later, while my EA account was offline, I received your email informing me that my APEX account had been banned. 

*My game environment at that time: no other application except game vpn (because my network environment is not good).


    The above is the situation before I was banned. Here I can swear to god that I now have no any violations.


     To exaggerate, APEX legends has become part of my life and I have invested a lot of time and money in it. I made a lot of friends there and left a lot of unforgettable memories. I still remember last June when I went alone to find the treasure for loba...In the third season with a group of Wattson resisting zombies etc... Thank you kindly to Respawn Studios and EA team for bringing me such a legendary game.

    Im just an average player, KDA1.23, my friends and I worked hard to reach the diamond rank...

    I could NOT, nor would my conscience allow me to violate any of the rules of agreement 6. If you think my game data are abnormal, you can even delete my data for all seasons.


    Once again I sincerely ask you to unban my APEX Legends account!

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