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sims 3 login keeps rejecting password
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★ Apprentice

so i know my password it's the same password i use to log into the website for sims 3. but for some reason on the sims 3 game it just keeps saying wrong password, yet i can log into the website of EA, sims 3 website and origin no problems. I even have it set to remember my password but it seems unable to do this. 

the issue seems to be that you have not updated the games protocols. it wants to use internet explorer, which was retired sometime ago and Microsoft now redirect you to edge. this needs to be updated to use "default browser" that way it can use chrome, edge, Firefox etc.. 

also another side note, no matter what i change my password to on EA or sims main website it does not let me even when i follow what the password wants so your whole EA reset password thing is broken as well!

Who Me Too'd this topic