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So It is clear now that Respawn can't manage Apex Legends.
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Devs are doing all they can, it is clear but it is outta Respawn's control. Game got much bigger than they can handle. Season 8 was hella bad, Lag, cheats, All those glitches and this season to everyone's surprise got even worse than last season and we had no real content beside Arena which is dull. State of the game is way too sad as Apex is the best design BR right now but falls short duo to technical issues and slow content. 


It is time for EA to man up real soon and save Apex, not just Ranked lol 


Edited: Now we are seeing Code: Wheel, Leaf over and over again. and Players are being sent to actual matches when they try to go to Firing Range. WTH lol 

Who Me Too'd this topic