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APEX LEGENDS unrightful ban
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hello. I have been back & forth with EA support & have gotten nowhere on my issue at hand. I was playing a game of Apex Legends (ranked), and a player who died & whose banner I was unable to grab, started calling me a “r**ard”. He said this to me maybe 10-20 times. I was just ignoring it & taking it in stride. I almost came back & clutched a 1v3 situation in the final circle, and after I almost did that, I said “who’s the *”. And within a day, I had an email telling me that I was banned for directed hate speech. I would like answers to this, as in my eyes, and several support workers (who don’t have the power to unban unfortunately) believe I did nothing wrong. A simple look into the chat logs for that game, and any representative that sees it, will agree.

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