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[MOD RELATED] sims 4 109:316070fc:8905b0ff error
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hi. since i have updated the game, i have been getting the error code:


every time i try to go to a lot other than my sims house. i click the lot, and then it loads for a bit, and i get the error. 

i replaced my electronic arts folder, because at first, one of my packs wasn't loading and neither were my mods. after i replaced the folder, this issue was resolved. 

i made a new household and everything was fine until i tried to go to a different lot. then it would load, and i would get the error. 


i have made sure all of my mods are up to date, i have removed the mods that i thought could be causing the issue, and i have tried removing all of the mods as well. nothing has worked. 


i have verified my game files twice as well, once after removing the electronic arts folder, and once after removing the localthumbcahce.package file. 


i am not sure where to go from here.


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Who Me Too'd this topic