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Game randomly crashing (approximately every 30 mins of playing)
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Hello ! 


I got a problem with my game recently, about every 30 minutes or so that I play, my game freezes for about 1s and then crashes instantly (this happens only in game, the game never crashes in the lobby).
When launching the game again, I sometimes get a message saying that EasyAntiCheat is not running.
I havent seen any patterns in why the game is crashing, it appears randomly on all the maps and without anything special happening.
I tried reinstalling the game, repairing the files, deleting easyanticheat and then repairing, nothing worked.

The game in this state is literally unplayable because I never know when a crash is going to occur.

I checked and the problem is not my hardware, the temps are normal and any other game works with no problem of crashing.

This bug started to occur since the update of the caustic event.
 I did not find any crash log in my documents.

Any solutions for this problem of crashing ? I'm a bit desperate at this point.

Thanks for your help,


Who Me Too'd this topic