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hacked account
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hello guys , my account got hacked and all my valuable tradeable players were sold . obviously the coins are gone as well . i opened case with ea support (that in first glance was amazing) and they told me a team would get back to me soon via email. almost a week as passed and still no email, even though i have contact them a few more times. 


im a player over 10 yers , spent hundreds if not more on the game over this time . the value of the players missing was over 2 mil coins . i can understand it may take time , however why to leave me , the player, in the middle? what's the problem to do something to make me happy meanwhile ? i even suggested them to give me a copy of a "temporary" or loan players i am missing until they finish the investigation .  i haven't been playing for a week and lost a lot on the game. 


please help!!

Who Me Too'd this topic