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8th of February - Royal Romance - Bug Fix List
EA Live QV Team

Sul sul!

List of Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed clipping/texture/animation/position issues with a number of Build/Buy objects:
    • Simply Splendid Dresser
    • Tasteful Touch Dining Hutch
    • Lavish Wall Light
    • Pre-placed Bookshelf
    • Crafty Sewing Table
    • All Year Round Skating Rink
    • Internet Icon Pack LTO objects
    • Winterwood Full Window
    • Glorious Hardwood
    • New Beginning Fireworks
    • Some Walls and Floors Surfaces
    • Karaoke Jamboree
    • Wooden Standing Lamp
    • Plate of drinks
    • Stone and Timber Lamp
    • Wooden Park Bench
    • Wrapped UP Snowfriend
  • Fixed clipping and texture issues with a number of clothing items and hairstyles:
    • Cordial Corduroy Skirt
    • Layer me Down Shorts Combo
    • Dynamic Duo Belted Pants
    • Headscarf items
    • Midnight Paneled Skirt
    • Springtime Capris
    • Croissants Please Capris share two variants
    • Crazy About Peplum Top
  • Items purchased in "Early unlock" of level 14 are no longer locked after purchasing the "Early unlock". Also, feature has been removed from surfaces in Build Tab.
  • Names on mural objects in DJ career are no longer exchanged.
  • All watches are now unisex.
  • Bonus point rewards for using cupcakes no longer are shown twice (in the bonus and the regular rewards).
  • "Stone and Timber Lamp" added to outdoors section in Build/Buy
  • Fixed Edgewater and Landgraab lots turning black in some devices.
  • Snow Day Jacket and Boots are now unisex
  • Fixed typo on "Comfort Time Slippers"
  • Decoration objects only give lifestyle score once they are purchased.
  • Fixed beard dissapearance when applying some hats on CAS.

The official page for the Royal Romace:

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