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Titanfall Servers - they have been down/ not found/ or disconnected for WEEKS
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Dear EA or Origin people,


I bought TITANFALL a few weeks ago over a deal you guys had. I was originally drawn by the many good reviews and so finally decided to get it. Soon after installing, I realized (yes, my mistake) that the game is ONLY playable on the internet, a server more specifically. I wasn't sure at the beginning, but since there was no other way, I joined the community of players. I soon realized what took me so long to have gotten the game. It was great from the beginning.


Now, for the past several days, more like about 2 weeks now, the servers are not working. Every time I try to login (2-3 times daily), the servers are NOWHERE to be found. I have tried different servers but to no avail. I have searched on several sited about the present situation, and there seems to appear this issue is an ongoing one, but that not much have been done about it, apparently.


So, here is my request: can you share with your plans/ a timeline of when this issue will/would be resolved? Now, if nothing is planned to be done (yes, I get it: it is an old game), then I believe the game SHOULD NOT have been sold on your site anymore. At present rate, this situation is just making your fanbase dislike you more and more. So, if you are NOT planning to fix the issue because of whatever reason/s, then fine; that is your decision. I believe a refund is on the way then.


Thank you!

A player

Who Me Too'd this topic