All MaggieTSM's Badges

MaggieTSM has earned 18 badges!
  • Newbie
    March 2019
    Earned by 29,192,828
    Joined Answers HQ. Welcome to the community!
  • First Anniversary
    First Anniversary
    March 2020
    Earned by 9,818,587
    You’ve been a member of Answers HQ for one year!
  • New Kid on the Block
    New Kid on the Block
    July 2019
    Earned by 3,185,770
    Logged into Answers HQ 5 times. You’ll get the hang of this place in no time.
  • Skimmer
    July 2019
    Earned by 2,366,224
    Read 100 posts. You champion the quick read-through.
  • Me Too!
    Me Too!
    April 2019
    Earned by 3,060,367
    Let someone know they weren't alone by using "Me Too" for the first time.
  • A Tip of the Hat
    A Tip of the Hat
    August 2019
    Earned by 1,028,563
    Showed appreciation by giving someone else XP for the first time.
  • First!
    March 2019
    Earned by 2,666,749
    You created your very first post. Every journey starts with the first step.
  • First Responder
    First Responder
    March 2019
    Earned by 1,578,052
    Responded to someone else's post for the first time.
  • Break the Ice
    Break the Ice
    June 2019
    Earned by 1,685,286
    Created a new topic on Answers HQ for the first time. Hello there!
  • First Steps
    First Steps
    March 2019
    Earned by 704,950
    Every adventure starts somewhere. Earned XP for the first time.
  • The XP Golden Rule
    The XP Golden Rule
    August 2019
    Earned by 248,270
    Giving to others as you would like to be given to. 1 XP given and 1 XP received!
  • Frequent Shopper
    Frequent Shopper
    November 2019
    Earned by 1,160,456
    Logged into Answers HQ 10 times. Have you signed up for the club card yet?
  • At a Glance
    At a Glance
    April 2020
    Earned by 206,177
    Read 500 posts. You always check the back cover and the inside flap.
  • Initiator
    November 2019
    Earned by 77,177
    Created 10 total posts. Just getting started.
  • Small Talk
    Small Talk
    November 2019
    Earned by 55,317
    Posted 10 replies. Just passing the time.
  • Take the Plunge
    Take the Plunge
    February 2020
    Earned by 35,247
    Created 5 new topics on Answers HQ. Jump right in!
  • Constructive
    November 2019
    Earned by 67,079
    Earned 10 XP. A good start.
  • Exterminator
    December 2019
    Earned by 207,656
    Reported a bug found on Answers HQ or in-game. Taking bugs out one at a time.