All Its_Travis_199's Badges

Its_Travis_199 has earned 105 badges!
  • Newbie
    November 2015
    Earned by 29,191,749
    Joined Answers HQ. Welcome to the community!
  • First Anniversary
    First Anniversary
    February 2017
    Earned by 9,817,657
    You’ve been a member of Answers HQ for one year!
  • Second Anniversary
    Second Anniversary
    February 2017
    Earned by 11,150,855
    You’ve been a member of Answers HQ for two years!
  • Third Anniversary
    Third Anniversary
    September 2017
    Earned by 7,397,187
    You’ve been a member of Answers HQ for three years!
  • Fourth Anniversary
    Fourth Anniversary
    September 2018
    Earned by 4,144,137
    You’ve been a member of Answers HQ for four years!
  • Fifth Anniversary
    Fifth Anniversary
    September 2019
    Earned by 3,051,101
    You’ve been a member of Answers HQ for five years!
  • Sixth Anniversary
    Sixth Anniversary
    September 2020
    Earned by 1,953,269
    You've been a member of Answers HQ for six years!
  • Seventh Anniversary
    Seventh Anniversary
    September 2021
    Earned by 805,613
    You've been a member of Answers HQ for seven years!
  • Eighth Anniversary
    Eighth Anniversary
    Earned by 233,993
    You've been a member of Answers HQ for eight years!
  • New Kid on the Block
    New Kid on the Block
    February 2019
    Earned by 3,185,686
    Logged into Answers HQ 5 times. You’ll get the hang of this place in no time.
  • Five in a Row
    Five in a Row
    March 2019
    Earned by 38,947
    Logged in 5 days in a row. High five!
  • Skimmer
    December 2018
    Earned by 2,366,143
    Read 100 posts. You champion the quick read-through.
  • Me Too!
    Me Too!
    September 2015
    Earned by 3,060,134
    Let someone know they weren't alone by using "Me Too" for the first time.
  • A Tip of the Hat
    A Tip of the Hat
    September 2015
    Earned by 1,028,478
    Showed appreciation by giving someone else XP for the first time.
  • First!
    January 2019
    Earned by 2,666,548
    You created your very first post. Every journey starts with the first step.
  • First Responder
    First Responder
    September 2015
    Earned by 1,577,834
    Responded to someone else's post for the first time.
  • Break the Ice
    Break the Ice
    September 2015
    Earned by 1,684,765
    Created a new topic on Answers HQ for the first time. Hello there!
  • First Steps
    First Steps
    January 2016
    Earned by 704,866
    Every adventure starts somewhere. Earned XP for the first time.
  • Problem Solver
    Problem Solver
    February 2016
    Earned by 69,212
    Had an answer accepted by another Answers HQ member for the first time.
  • The XP Golden Rule
    The XP Golden Rule
    May 2019
    Earned by 248,248
    Giving to others as you would like to be given to. 1 XP given and 1 XP received!
  • Frequent Shopper
    Frequent Shopper
    March 2019
    Earned by 1,160,425
    Logged into Answers HQ 10 times. Have you signed up for the club card yet?
  • Perfect 10
    Perfect 10
    March 2019
    Earned by 10,231
    Logged in 10 days in a row. You’re a 10 in our book.
  • At a Glance
    At a Glance
    November 2018
    Earned by 206,169
    Read 500 posts. You always check the back cover and the inside flap.
  • I’m Not the Only One
    I’m Not the Only One
    April 2019
    Earned by 29,931
    Clicked the Me Too button on 10 posts.Thanks for keeping us posted.
  • Online High Five
    Online High Five
    February 2016
    Earned by 46,227
    Granted 10 XP. Don't leave me hanging!
  • Initiator
    February 2016
    Earned by 77,167
    Created 10 total posts. Just getting started.
  • Small Talk
    Small Talk
    February 2016
    Earned by 55,313
    Posted 10 replies. Just passing the time.
  • Take the Plunge
    Take the Plunge
    January 2019
    Earned by 35,243
    Created 5 new topics on Answers HQ. Jump right in!
  • Constructive
    February 2016
    Earned by 67,069
    Earned 10 XP. A good start.
  • Helping Hand
    Helping Hand
    August 2016
    Earned by 1,398
    Posted 10 accepted solutions. Likes to lend a hand.
  • Equal XP Sharing
    Equal XP Sharing
    May 2019
    Earned by 42,000
    Keep it up! You’ve earned 5 XP while giving 5 XP to your fellow players.
  • Regular
    March 2019
    Earned by 51,838
    Logged into Answers HQ 50 times. You come here often? Yes, yes you do.
  • Daily Grind
    Daily Grind
    March 2019
    Earned by 2,095
    Logged in 25 days in a row. Work hard, play hard.
  • Page Turner
    Page Turner
    November 2018
    Earned by 68,260
    Read 1,000 posts. You just can’t put Answers HQ down!
  • You’re Not Alone
    You’re Not Alone
    April 2019
    Earned by 5,635
    Clicked the Me Too button on 25 posts. It’s not just you. Keep letting us know.
  • Back Scratcher
    Back Scratcher
    June 2016
    Earned by 7,475
    Granted 50 XP. Lets others know they're appreciated.
  • Frequent Poster
    Frequent Poster
    April 2017
    Earned by 8,875
    Created 50 total posts. On a roll!
  • Chatty
    July 2016
    Earned by 7,135
    Posted 50 replies. Enjoys a good chat.
  • Get the Ball Rolling
    Get the Ball Rolling
    January 2019
    Earned by 10,259
    Created 10 new topics on Answers HQ. You’re happy to kick off a fun conversation.
  • Getting Noticed
    Getting Noticed
    July 2016
    Earned by 9,926
    Earned 50 XP. Making some great posts!
  • Troubleshooter
    November 2016
    Earned by 489
    Posted 50 accepted solutions. Really likes to lend a hand!
  • It’s Raining XP
    It’s Raining XP
    May 2019
    Earned by 19,713
    Not rain, nor sleet, nor snow can keep you from giving out 10 XP and getting 10 XP!
  • Good Friend
    Good Friend
    March 2019
    Earned by 15,401
    Logged into Answers HQ 100 times. Thank you for being our friend.
  • Hot Streak
    Hot Streak
    September 2021
    Earned by 705
    Logged in 50 days in a row. You’re on a roll!
  • Well-read
    December 2018
    Earned by 16,619
    Read 2500 posts. No post can hide from you!
  • Arm in Arm
    Arm in Arm
    April 2019
    Earned by 1,867
    Clicked the Me Too button on 50 posts. The more that report, the faster we know. Thanks!
  • Truly Thankful
    Truly Thankful
    August 2016
    Earned by 3,743
    Granted 100 XP. Knows a good post when they see one.
  • Posts Aplenty
    Posts Aplenty
    August 2016
    Earned by 4,011
    Created 100 total posts. A discussion pioneer.
  • Sociable
    August 2016
    Earned by 3,388
    Posted 100 replies. Quite the talker!
  • Getting Cozy
    Getting Cozy
    October 2021
    Earned by 2,424
    Created 25 new topics on Answers HQ. Make yourself comfortable.
  • Leveling Up
    Leveling Up
    July 2016
    Earned by 4,590
    Earned 100 XP. Flying up through the levels.
  • Solution Whiz
    Solution Whiz
    December 2016
    Earned by 350
    Posted 100 accepted solutions. Can't be stumped.
  • Rolling in XP
    Rolling in XP
    May 2019
    Earned by 7,470
    25 XP given and 25 XP received. You're on a roll!
  • Best Friend
    Best Friend
    March 2019
    Earned by 1,577
    Logged into Answers HQ 500 times. We’ve taken this to the next level.
  • Perfect Attendance
    Perfect Attendance
    November 2021
    Earned by 248
    Logged in 100 days in a row. No days off. That’s your motto and we love it!
  • Studious
    December 2018
    Earned by 6,102
    Read 5,000 posts. Knowledge is power!
  • Hand in Hand
    Hand in Hand
    July 2021
    Earned by 597
    Clicked the Me Too button on 100 posts. Keeping us on point and up to date.
  • Generous
    January 2017
    Earned by 771
    Granted 500 XP. Always on the lookout for great posts.
  • Composer
    November 2016
    Earned by 794
    Created 500 total posts. Really gets the discussion going!
  • Conversationalist
    November 2016
    Earned by 748
    Posted 500 replies. A professional discusser.
  • Prodigious
    November 2016
    Earned by 875
    Earned 500 XP. Contributing tons of excellent posts.
  • No Mountain Too High
    No Mountain Too High
    October 2021
    Earned by 154
    Posted 500 accepted solutions. Unstoppable!
  • An XP Boomerang
    An XP Boomerang
    May 2019
    Earned by 1,915
    Wow, that’s a lot of XP. 100 XP given and 100 XP received!
  • We’re Pals!
    We’re Pals!
    March 2019
    Earned by 643
    Logged into Answers HQ 1,000 times. You and me? We’re inseparable.
  • Going Strong
    Going Strong
    February 2022
    Earned by 147
    Logged in 150 days in a row. Almost halfway to that one year mark. Nice!
  • Bookworm
    December 2018
    Earned by 2,535
    Read 10,000 posts. Keep on feeding your appetite for posts, and read, read, read!
  • We’re in This Together
    We’re in This Together
    September 2021
    Earned by 301
    Clicked the Me Too button on 150 posts. We really are in it together :)
  • Singing Praises
    Singing Praises
    October 2021
    Earned by 436
    Granted 1,000 XP. We hope your voice isn't too tired!
  • Prolific
    February 2017
    Earned by 431
    Created 1,000 total posts. Has a lot to talk about.
  • Chatterbox
    February 2017
    Earned by 408
    Posted 1,000 replies. Never runs out of things to say.
  • They Really Like Me!
    They Really Like Me!
    November 2016
    Earned by 497
    Earned 1,000 XP. They really do!
  • Your XP Flows Like Water
    Your XP Flows Like Water
    May 2019
    Earned by 509
    You really know how to dish it out and take it - XP that is! 500 XP received while also giving out 500 XP. Nice!
  • One of the Gang
    One of the Gang
    October 2021
    Earned by 180
    Logged into Answers HQ 2,500 times. One of us! One of us!
  • Don’t Stop Me Now
    Don’t Stop Me Now
    Earned by 103
    Logged in 200 days in a row. 100% effort times two!
  • Graduate
    November 2018
    Earned by 457
    Read 50,000 posts. Can we borrow your notes?
  • Can’t Get Me Down
    Can’t Get Me Down
    October 2021
    Earned by 106
    Clicked the Me Too button on 250 posts. You keep letting us know about issues & we love it.
  • Awe-Inspiring
    September 2020
    Earned by 152
    Earned 5,000 XP. A poster everyone can look up to.
  • Climbing the XP Mountain
    Climbing the XP Mountain
    October 2021
    Earned by 300
    Just when we didn’t think you could get any more awesome, you rack up 1,000 XP while giving that much out!
  • Keeping the Streak Alive
    Keeping the Streak Alive
    Earned by 74
    Logged in 250 days in a row. Neither rain nor snow can keep you from Answers HQ.
  • Professor
    September 2021
    Earned by 237
    Read 100,000 posts. Ace the quiz? No, you WROTE the quiz!
  • Issue Detective
    Issue Detective
    October 2021
    Earned by 57
    Clicked the Me Too button on 350 posts. You’ve become a master sleuth!
  • In It To Win It
    In It To Win It
    Earned by 59
    Logged in 300 days in a row. Almost a full year of consecutive logins. So close!
  • Bug Finder
    Bug Finder
    October 2021
    Earned by 33
    Clicked the Me Too button on 450 posts. Bugs have no chance trying to hide from you.
  • That’s Dedication
    That’s Dedication
    Earned by 45
    Logged in 365 days in a row. You’ve logged on every single day for a year. Woot!
  • Shout it From the Rooftops
    Shout it From the Rooftops
    October 2021
    Earned by 27
    Clicked the Me Too button on 500 posts. Making sure we’re aware of issues like a boss!
  • Exterminator
    December 2018
    Earned by 206,912
    Reported a bug found on Answers HQ or in-game. Taking bugs out one at a time.
  • Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter
    October 2018
    Earned by 567
    You’re cleaning up these boards with all the help you’re doling out. Unsolved threads are a disease and you’re the cure!
  • Triple Threat
    Triple Threat
    October 2018
    Earned by 2,950
    You’ve got it all. Way to go!
  • Easter Egg
    Easter Egg
    November 2018
    Earned by 3,008
    Received a secret badge. You’re a master at finding our secrets. Egg-cellent.
  • Game Changer
    Game Changer
    July 2021
    Earned by 153
    A member of EA's Game Changer community partnership program.
  • Champion
    May 2017
    Earned by 310
    A true community advocate and potential future Hero.
  • Hero
    July 2018
    Earned by 156
    Saves the day every day.
  • Retired Hero
    Retired Hero
    June 2020
    Earned by 63
    You hung up your cape, but your name will always be on the Wall of Heroes.
  • First CCP Anniversary
    First CCP Anniversary
    Earned by 137
    You’ve been a member of the Answers HQ Community Connections Program for one year!
  • Second CCP Anniversary
    Second CCP Anniversary
    Earned by 113
    You’ve been a member of the Answers HQ Community Connections Program for two years!
  • Third CCP Anniversary
    Third CCP Anniversary
    Earned by 89
    You’ve been a member of the Answers HQ Community Connections Program for three years!
  • Fourth CCP Anniversary
    Fourth CCP Anniversary
    Earned by 79
    You’ve been a member of the Answers HQ Community Connections Program for four years!
  • Pioneer
    August 2021
    Earned by 20,343
    Participated in the EA Playtesting Community on Answers HQ.
  • Battlefield 1 Launch
    Battlefield 1 Launch
    February 2017
    Earned by 5,851
    Participated in the Battlefield 1 Community on Answers HQ during the month of launch.
  • DICE 25th Year Anniversary
    DICE 25th Year Anniversary
    October 2018
    Earned by 1,142
    Participated in the DICE Community on Answers HQ between March 31st and April 9th 2017. Here’s to another quarter century!
  • Battlefield V Launch
    Battlefield V Launch
    December 2018
    Earned by 7,220
    Participated in the Battlefield V Community on Answers HQ in the month of launch.
  • Let's Play!
    Let's Play!
    April 2021
    Earned by 31,873
    Provided feedback about the new EA app during the Beta.
  • Breakthrough
    October 2021
    Earned by 6,045
    Provided feedback during the Battlefield 2042 Beta to help shape the game ahead of launch.
  • Battlefield 2042 Launch
    Battlefield 2042 Launch
    November 2021
    Earned by 14,472
    Participated in the Battlefield 2042 Community on Answers HQ in the month of launch.
  • FIFA 23 Launch
    FIFA 23 Launch
    Earned by 21,343
    Participated in the FIFA 23 Community on Answers HQ in the month of launch.