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All FirstClassFUT's Badges

FirstClassFUT has earned 61 badges!
  • Newbie
    August 2017
    Earned by 22,670,242
    Joined Answers HQ. Welcome to the community!
  • First Anniversary
    First Anniversary
    February 2017
    Earned by 7,996,098
    You’ve been a member of Answers HQ for one year!
  • Second Anniversary
    Second Anniversary
    February 2017
    Earned by 9,926,256
    You’ve been a member of Answers HQ for two years!
  • Third Anniversary
    Third Anniversary
    August 2017
    Earned by 6,292,513
    You’ve been a member of Answers HQ for three years!
  • Fourth Anniversary
    Fourth Anniversary
    September 2018
    Earned by 3,082,602
    You’ve been a member of Answers HQ for four years!
  • Fifth Anniversary
    Fifth Anniversary
    June 2019
    Earned by 2,149,327
    You’ve been a member of Answers HQ for five years!
  • Sixth Anniversary
    Sixth Anniversary
    Earned by 1,196,729
    You've been a member of Answers HQ for six years!
  • New Kid on the Block
    New Kid on the Block
    March 2019
    Earned by 2,171,007
    Logged into Answers HQ 5 times. You’ll get the hang of this place in no time.
  • Five in a Row
    Five in a Row
    August 2019
    Earned by 26,111
    Logged in 5 days in a row. High five!
  • Skimmer
    December 2018
    Earned by 1,755,466
    Read 100 posts. You champion the quick read-through.
  • Me Too!
    Me Too!
    August 2019
    Earned by 2,314,643
    Let someone know they weren't alone by using "Me Too" for the first time.
  • A Tip of the Hat
    A Tip of the Hat
    August 2019
    Earned by 727,196
    Showed appreciation by giving someone else XP for the first time.
  • First!
    January 2019
    Earned by 2,066,911
    You created your very first post. Every journey starts with the first step.
  • First Responder
    First Responder
    September 2018
    Earned by 1,136,541
    Responded to someone else's post for the first time.
  • Break the Ice
    Break the Ice
    December 2018
    Earned by 1,299,692
    Created a new topic on Answers HQ for the first time. Hello there!
  • First Steps
    First Steps
    October 2018
    Earned by 473,445
    Every adventure starts somewhere. Earned XP for the first time.
  • Problem Solver
    Problem Solver
    August 2019
    Earned by 52,310
    Had an answer accepted by another Answers HQ member for the first time.
  • The XP Golden Rule
    The XP Golden Rule
    August 2019
    Earned by 163,968
    Giving to others as you would like to be given to. 1 XP given and 1 XP received!
  • Frequent Shopper
    Frequent Shopper
    March 2019
    Earned by 849,303
    Logged into Answers HQ 10 times. Have you signed up for the club card yet?
  • At a Glance
    At a Glance
    April 2019
    Earned by 143,334
    Read 500 posts. You always check the back cover and the inside flap.
  • Online High Five
    Online High Five
    August 2019
    Earned by 28,779
    Granted 10 XP. Don't leave me hanging!
  • Initiator
    August 2019
    Earned by 53,692
    Created 10 total posts. Just getting started.
  • Small Talk
    Small Talk
    August 2019
    Earned by 37,712
    Posted 10 replies. Just passing the time.
  • Take the Plunge
    Take the Plunge
    August 2019
    Earned by 25,423
    Created 5 new topics on Answers HQ. Jump right in!
  • Constructive
    August 2019
    Earned by 40,430
    Earned 10 XP. A good start.
  • Helping Hand
    Helping Hand
    August 2019
    Earned by 1,120
    Posted 10 accepted solutions. Likes to lend a hand.
  • Equal XP Sharing
    Equal XP Sharing
    August 2019
    Earned by 25,706
    Keep it up! You’ve earned 5 XP while giving 5 XP to your fellow players.
  • Regular
    August 2019
    Earned by 35,401
    Logged into Answers HQ 50 times. You come here often? Yes, yes you do.
  • Page Turner
    Page Turner
    August 2019
    Earned by 46,066
    Read 1,000 posts. You just can’t put Answers HQ down!
  • Back Scratcher
    Back Scratcher
    August 2019
    Earned by 4,491
    Granted 50 XP. Lets others know they're appreciated.
  • Frequent Poster
    Frequent Poster
    August 2019
    Earned by 6,043
    Created 50 total posts. On a roll!
  • Chatty
    August 2019
    Earned by 4,867
    Posted 50 replies. Enjoys a good chat.
  • Get the Ball Rolling
    Get the Ball Rolling
    August 2019
    Earned by 7,135
    Created 10 new topics on Answers HQ. You’re happy to kick off a fun conversation.
  • Getting Noticed
    Getting Noticed
    August 2019
    Earned by 5,558
    Earned 50 XP. Making some great posts!
  • Troubleshooter
    August 2019
    Earned by 391
    Posted 50 accepted solutions. Really likes to lend a hand!
  • It’s Raining XP
    It’s Raining XP
    August 2019
    Earned by 11,745
    Not rain, nor sleet, nor snow can keep you from giving out 10 XP and getting 10 XP!
  • Good Friend
    Good Friend
    August 2019
    Earned by 10,415
    Logged into Answers HQ 100 times. Thank you for being our friend.
  • Well-read
    August 2019
    Earned by 10,694
    Read 2500 posts. No post can hide from you!
  • Truly Thankful
    Truly Thankful
    August 2019
    Earned by 2,298
    Granted 100 XP. Knows a good post when they see one.
  • Posts Aplenty
    Posts Aplenty
    August 2019
    Earned by 2,751
    Created 100 total posts. A discussion pioneer.
  • Sociable
    August 2019
    Earned by 2,338
    Posted 100 replies. Quite the talker!
  • Leveling Up
    Leveling Up
    August 2019
    Earned by 2,567
    Earned 100 XP. Flying up through the levels.
  • Solution Whiz
    Solution Whiz
    August 2019
    Earned by 288
    Posted 100 accepted solutions. Can't be stumped.
  • Rolling in XP
    Rolling in XP
    August 2019
    Earned by 4,360
    25 XP given and 25 XP received. You're on a roll!
  • Studious
    August 2019
    Earned by 3,838
    Read 5,000 posts. Knowledge is power!
  • Composer
    August 2019
    Earned by 556
    Created 500 total posts. Really gets the discussion going!
  • Conversationalist
    August 2019
    Earned by 523
    Posted 500 replies. A professional discusser.
  • Prodigious
    August 2019
    Earned by 527
    Earned 500 XP. Contributing tons of excellent posts.
  • An XP Boomerang
    An XP Boomerang
    August 2019
    Earned by 1,143
    Wow, that’s a lot of XP. 100 XP given and 100 XP received!
  • Bookworm
    August 2019
    Earned by 1,631
    Read 10,000 posts. Keep on feeding your appetite for posts, and read, read, read!
  • Exterminator
    January 2019
    Earned by 110,146
    Reported a bug found on Answers HQ or in-game. Taking bugs out one at a time.
  • Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter
    August 2019
    Earned by 425
    You’re cleaning up these boards with all the help you’re doling out. Unsolved threads are a disease and you’re the cure!
  • Triple Threat
    Triple Threat
    August 2019
    Earned by 1,799
    You’ve got it all. Way to go!
  • Easter Egg
    Easter Egg
    September 2019
    Earned by 1,847
    Received a secret badge. You’re a master at finding our secrets. Egg-cellent.
  • FIFA 19 Launch
    FIFA 19 Launch
    October 2018
    Earned by 8,831
    Participated in the FIFA 19 Community on Answers HQ in the month of launch.
  • Sims 4 Island Living Launch
    Sims 4 Island Living Launch
    August 2019
    Earned by 7,006
    Participated in the Sims 4 Island Living Community on Answers HQ in the month of PC or console launch.
  • Madden NFL 20 Launch
    Madden NFL 20 Launch
    August 2019
    Earned by 2,039
    Participated in the Madden NFL 20 Community on Answers HQ in the month of launch.
  • Finisher
    August 2019
    Earned by 5,688
    Provided feedback during the FIFA 20 Closed Beta to help shape the game ahead of launch.
  • On the Leaderboard
    On the Leaderboard
    Earned by 751
    Provided feedback during the FIFA Mobile Beta to help shape the game ahead of launch.
  • FIFA 20 Launch
    FIFA 20 Launch
    Earned by 19,780
    Participated in the FIFA 20 Community on Answers HQ in the month of launch.
  • Apex Legends Season 4 Launch
    Apex Legends Season 4 Launch
    Earned by 10,770
    Participated in the Apex Legends Community on Answers HQ in the first month after Season 4 launch.