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Terrible looting system

by johnryan2231

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Terrible looting system

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One of the WORST looting systems i have ever played with in an rpg game. The divisions rng loot system is better then yours and it's a 3 year old game. I'm getting blues and greens killing titans on GRANDMASTER. Unbelievable. Change ur numbers or somethin guys cmon it's kinda pathetic  

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Re: Terrible looting system

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really? since i hit like 450+ ive been doing all my missions on GM1, now with that being said i get more epics than uncommon and very frequently masterwork...BUT...i have items that have +luck to might wanna try that too lol
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Re: Terrible looting system

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Its because of PC players that messed all of this up with loot farming. whats why there was a 4 gig update right after the game came out. I also have a problem with the loot, I'm only getting level 36 and I'm GM1 maybe once in a blue moon I'll get something of worth but not often enough.
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Re: Terrible looting system

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Purples only go to level 36 and then you have to get masterworks. I dont think the loot system is that bad for a game that has been out a week. Divisions was still sorting it out after a year and half...

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