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Strongholds suck! Especially the heart of rage

by LilSheWolf1990

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Strongholds suck! Especially the heart of rage

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Heart of rage is unplayable?! Tried a fair few times now all you get is missing graphics when fighting the titan, 'wth just knocked me down oh the invisible fire!' I'm coming pal i got you, oh wait I can't revive you it won't let me 'again? OK no worries I will respawn, ah no I can't get back I'm stuck behind a weird chrystal wall' ah man what we gonna do? 'you got this keep fighting' I'm down ah heck may aswell quit we are all behind this chrystal wall thingy now. 3 times this has happened now and still as yet have not finished that stronghold it's unbelievable how much I tried to like this game but I can't defend this anymore! 

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Re: Strongholds suck! Especially the heart of rage

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Personally I think the issues with walls started with the new respawn, which I do not like.


But as a work around you can go into the map and select respawn, this puts you on the other side of the wall.


I have heard many saying they can't revive people, I personally have never ran into this. I am known as our ninja rezer. 


I am more surprised you didnt load into the Monitor. That happens to me when I don't go in with a  group.


As for invisible fire and what not. I have not experienced this but like with all games, ''results may vary''.


Good luck

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Re: Strongholds suck! Especially the heart of rage

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I feel your pain. You give a game so many chances and it just keep getting worse and pooping all over everything. This is disappointing, sad, embarrassing, and a joke to be called a game. If I can stop one sorry sap from buying this garbage I did my part. DO NOT TRY, BUY, OR EVEN HOPE. This game sucks and you will agree with me if you dumb enough to test it.

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Re: Strongholds suck! Especially the heart of rage

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@LilSheWolf1990 they fixed these problems on Heart of Rage, also fixed a whole lot of other bugs.
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