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Soooooooooo many broken contracts!!

by MarchoftheMods

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Soooooooooo many broken contracts!!

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I have been grinding out some quickplay this afternoon. 7 of the 10 have been broken, not able to progress without a full team wipe. Mission markers that lead you outside of the mission area, only able to destroy 4 of 5 stockpiles, shaper relic missing, no mission marker at all, loading into mission with no objective and a few more that escape me. Also, not even connecting to the mission and finding my self back in Fort Tarsis.


Now if I was solo playing I may begin to think my game was broken. But, this has to be server side? And, totally unacceptable. Not only does it ruin the experience but I have wasted a ton of resources crafting consumables...only for them to be eaten up by broken missions. 


Any idea if this is likely to be fixed any time soon? Because as it stands with the constant sound problems, broken missions and a few other game breaking bugs...the game is beginning to feel unplayable. And, I really wanted to enjoy this game...probably more than any game due to release in the near future. But, The Division 2 is looking more and more inviting.



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