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Refund for Anthem, after failure of a game

by hellssymphony

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Refund for Anthem, after failure of a game

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Xbox keeps freezing and lagging out. It is amazing that they are so laissez faire about these issues, I mean this game is less than 2 months old and is probably the most problematic game I've ever experienced, and that's saying something cause I played Mass Effect Andromeda.

EA should not be partnered with Bioware. The fact is, Bioware makes good games with better story telling. They are not a spit a sequel out every year type of franchise. The name Bioware meant something, their games were fun and creative. Theisr storytelling was inspired, and now to be owned by the same company that spits out cut and paste the sequels with minor variance is sad to say the least. Anthem is a let down. It was something that had potential, something that could have been magnificent, but was entrusted to an oafish company to create. It's too bad that this will be the nail in the coffin for most when it comes to purchasing EA games, hopefully not for Bioware.

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Re: Refund for Anthem, after failure of a game

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The fact your xb freezes as you say tells me it's more then just a game issue. I'm using one of the first gen xb1 consoles and worst I have has was 2 home screen crashes. I'd check the xb its self see if its overheating. If it's in a small space it might not be getting airflow. Or if the vents are clogged. Anthem is a very resource heavy game and will try to push the xb to its limits just as it does on pc.
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