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Re: Old Farts

by optikon

Original Post

Re: Old Farts

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I’m not as seasoned but would like to game with older players. I’m 34. Hopefully this is not a deal breaker


gt roidrat 004

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Re: Old Farts

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GT: rexbuttz,. I’m only 34 hope that’s not too young😅

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Re: Old Farts

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@Rnz_Wth_Scissrz  I’m interested. 


47 yr old



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Re: Old Farts

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@Yamsuphh @jdpierce5349 @zukstar added as friends and sent club invites. Thanks for posting.  Looking forward to teaming up!

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Re: Old Farts

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Its a blast everyone!  In my late 30's and Ive been part of this group for around 3 years and not a bad person in it.   Great great group of people!

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Re: Old Farts

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50 yrs old this year. Go ahead and add me as well GT: optikon4658

Will be playing on Xbox and PC 

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Re: Old Farts

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Me and my bro in law have been gaming together for years either in WoW, diablo and a bunch of other crap we’ve tried.  We are both very excited about the game (and in the age range).


my GT Somber Padrino

his GT Bulshari73



Look forward to seeing you folks in game.

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Re: Old Farts

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Thanks for the thumbs up @XfulioX!


@optikon @Somber_Padrino Thanks for the GT's.  Added as friends along with @Somber_Padrino's brother-in-law.  Also invited all to the club.


We also play Star Wars Battlefront.  Looks like the 2015 version has lost a large portion of it's player base.


Hit us up on Facebook if you like.

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Re: Old Farts

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Sorry Rnz.... didn't see the post, and yes. Thanks for the invite!

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Re: Old Farts

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No problem @OtterChaos182. . Look forward to gaming with you guys.

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