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Re: Cancel A pre-order

by BluOrion

Original Post

Re: Cancel A pre-order

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login to

under payment and billing

click order history.. if you don't see anthem.. in the list click on the filter and change to all

there will be a link to cancel item


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Re: Cancel A pre-order

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@BluOrion @ explains how the studio is using a version of that game that is SIX weeks old. This VIP was put together to find these problems before launch. I guarantee that next week with the open demo we don't have any of these issues, be patient, this process does not fulfill instant gratification. But I do believe that when launch day comes you won't have anything to complain about, except, there's not enough time in the day to play anthem. Be patient and have an open mind. This is the most vocal, transparent, and reactive studio of a live service game we've ever seen. We sat for four days before we could play Elder Scrolls Online, before we got to play reliably. (That was a full release of the game

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Re: Cancel A pre-order

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It's a beta demo. If you kept track of the articles this demo came out after the Alpha so it's a beta play. Can't all relay on the titles people


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Re: Cancel A pre-order

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Coudn't say that better. Alpha run smoother and looked better than this demo and I wondering all the time - what the hell happen?
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Re: Cancel A pre-order

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at least some of you got to play the alpha...but yes the demo was a slap in the face
no enough server space really then the load loop man thats just embarrassing
this stuff is big fixes not small time patches i just hope EA dosent make this game into a flop
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Re: Cancel A pre-order

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With the number of games that launch with major issues and day one patches, it is amazing you’d be ready to give up on a title because of problems with a glorified beta.  I had issues getting into the demo on day one as well, and didn’t get in until day 2.  That said, even with all the bugs, crashes, and issues it was one of the most enjoyable titles I’ve played in a while.  Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it launches and plays as intended.

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Re: Cancel A pre-order

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I don't know why you are referencing me in this comment.  I did not start the thread but only defended a persons right to demand that the responsibilities of the game producer matched the expectations of the persons purchasing the game.


I read the article you linked too and it does not say anything about the game being a "beta".  The article states that the game starts you in the middle of the story, instead of at the beginning.  After multiple attempts and waiting for over ten hours, my family and I were able to access the game.  After playing it for 8 hours straight we experienced mild issues, and I fell in love with the game.  I will not be cancelling my pre-order and this is the first game I have been excited about since Destiny 2.  I do understand that you are saying the game version is SIX weeks old, but why as a business would you ever choose to release that game to the public (rhetorical)?


Overall, I would recommend any player hold on and be patient so they could at least try the game this next weekend.  However as I said in my original statement, this is a DEMO of things to come and hopefully they will fix the "rubber banding", infinite loading screens and other small issues like enemies disappearing.  If these issues are fixed at launch, I will be putting many hours into this game as it was a great experience.


The missions felt more like adventures that continued long after you thought they were over.  My engagements against random enemies felt substantial and provided a player experience that I have not seen in quite some time.  When I have enough time, I am going to provide a full review here on the boards from the great things that I experienced. 


I hear what you are saying about Elder Scrolls having issues for days before you got to play reliably.  Even with that said, I can tell you that as a consumer, I am not going to pay a company that cannot provide a consistent play experience when the game is first released.  Even with patience, my time is valuable and my game time is my relaxing time for the week.  If this is the way a game is released, I will be looking for a credit and I will avoid future releases from the company that produced that game.  This is the right of all gamers and should be something defended.  "If you take our money, do not give us your table scraps.  Pay people to play your beta, pay programs to double check your work, pay for the game to be released as a FINISHED product and we will pay you for the game."


Thank you SoutherB34 for your input, I do value your opinion.

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Re: Cancel A pre-order

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This is not a beta.  It doesn't matter if it came out after the alpha, this is a Demo.  You cannot have a Beta and a Demo as the same thing.  Any programmer will tell you that this is the case.  It is either one or the other.  A beta is used for catching bugs and finding issues.  A Demo is an example, a snippet of the game so people can find out if they like it or not.  If it was a beta listed as a "Demo", the game producer would be crazy to call it that.  Why do I say that you ask?  Because of exactly what is happening right now.  A good portion of those people who pre-ordered the game are saying "this demonstration of the game sucks... I want my money back!"


If this was a true beta, they would have called it that so that they could work out bugs.  That is why everyone is so worried about keeping their order.  I hope people do hang onto their pre-order because it is one hell of a great game once you get in!

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Re: Cancel A pre-order

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Like you Fri and a good bit of Sat I was very disappointed for several reasons not just the gameplay but how vocal all the producers and (the game) had been on twitter (until it hit the fan) then *crickets chirp*(mostly).  I also created a post similar to yours and canceled my preorder, again for a couple of reasons.  I lived through the fallout 76 bomb (pun intended) and without the fear of losing 80 bucks, I simply could re pre order if they got their act together.


Midway (it seems) through Sat the game was running as a demo should (and they had setup a main line of communication about bugs/fixes, etc), some minor bugs but the game was playable.  By the end of Sunday I felt really good about the game and if they have fixed some issues and this weekend goes well they will have earned my pre-order dollars.


I really hope that is the case I don’t know how many more AAA game titles can total bomb before I got back to my hand held football game with the (-) as players.  *That reference was way old for most of you.  Point is, EA/Bio make it right!


Good luck and hope to see you in game.

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