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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

by seansilver

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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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Freezing on PC.


No pattern to freezing, screen just stops. This has happened anywhere from standing still, walking around town, during combat, talking to an NPC.

The game keeps running in the background, I can hear combat/NPC conversation, though it seems to be very delayed when this happens.

I have only recently gotten this game and am finding it to be unplayable due to this issue. Issue is still occurring even though I've just done a clean install of WIndows.



System Specs:

OS                 :  Windows 10 Pro x64

Motherboard:  ASUS Crosshair VI Hero

Memory         :  32GB G.Skill TridentZ RGB DDR4 3200  16-17-17-17-36

Processor    :  AMD Ryzen7 2700X @ 4.3Ghz  43x100

CPU Cooler :  Corsair H115i Platinum RGB

GPU              :  EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 XC Ultra Gaming  (GPU+125/Memory+900)

PSU              :  Corsair RM750x

Main HDD    :  Samsung 970 Evo 500GB (Game is installed here)

Storage HDD:Samsung 870 Evo 500GB and WD Green 2TB


All drivers/firmware/BIOS is running latest version. All temps are noticeably below the Maximum operating temps

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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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Also, screen res is 1920x1080 @ 60Hz with all game settings on Ultra. Avg FPS sits around 97-150 depending on scene.

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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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So I have an xbox one. Manufacture date was 10/2014. I had this same issue on 3/31/19. Only when I hard reset my Xbox I now get an error code 102 or 105 and it boots up in safe mode. I tried to factory reset and it won't even do that. Pretty sure it fried my hardrive which in turn bricked my console. Really is a shame that I wasted $60 on an unfinished game and $30 for a year of ea access. Oh and I paid for a year of xbox live that I no longer have any use for. I could trade it in for a whopping $50 at gamestop but I would rather a multibillion dollar company do something to fix this since it was their fault. I mean you guys do care about the community you tried to build right?  Thank you for a timely response. 

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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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  1. Cant evev begin a mission
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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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I play on my Xbox one all day & it literally never crashes. It has one time out of like 48 hours of me being on the game. There's no way bro. This is gotta be spam

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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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Still crashes using storm ultimate killing an enemy that would drop thejr health well past 0.

Happens more so if the enemy has been spawned for a bit and cycled attacks.

Heart of rage furies
Idk the mission but has the spider robot thing at the end
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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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My game has crashed 5 times in 30 minutes of the regulator mission


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