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Anthem is not what we were told or sold from E3 (Did they just lie - EA)

by Blacksmurf29

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Anthem is not what we were told or sold from E3 (Did they just lie - EA)

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So after playing from closed access to open beta, VIP and even after the patch releases I’m greatly upset. 


A lot of the “actual game footage” turned out to be a flat out lie.   No it’s not the server issues, or access to pre order items, ya not the loot problems, it’s not the micro transactions. 


E3 video:


After watching that short video, go play the game or watch some one else who is streaming. 



-UI isn’t the same. (Let’s argue that was for a better presentation). But even if so, there are elements show that never existed. 


-Joining friends.  You literally cannot in any way join a friends game in Freeplay unless you launch with them or some one leaves and you manually invite prior to another joining 


- There aren’t multiple javelins in the platforms in Fort Tarsis...and notice the one we use, is empty in the video suggesting it maybe unlocked for the 4th. 


- The loot UI actually shows an actual items. 


- The world actually shows what appears to be a quest or mission (they decide to come back later when another friend is on). 


-Notice how they enter the javelin and how the elevator lifts them up and to the door to exit. 


While I understand things change during development, these aren’t minor changes they are mostly game features and impacts that would influence a decision to buy or pass. 


Feeling completely lied to by EA and also by BioWare in the later interviews. 

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Re: Anthem is not what we were told or sold from E3 (Did they just lie - EA)

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When I played the demo, I felt like there was a considerable difference between it and the 2016 E3 game footage. I then played the EA Access 10-hour trial, and was pleased that the game looked more polished and thought my worries about that discrepancy were alleviated. I saw more examples after purchasing the full game. The current game is not bad, but the game we saw in 2016 was more dynamic and exciting. The big ogre looking monster (ursix) throwing the dogs off the cliff would have shown just how massive and viscious they were if we got to see them in the 2019 version. And the strider getting attacked by mobs could have been an awesome random event in Freeplay mode. Defend it, and you could get loot. Or even just let us see that happen and think "This is a dangerous world!". When you're max level, you just fly over most enemies unless it is a world event area or a Titan. We need to see how dangerous it really is. Then, we might be tempted to land and fight. 

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