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punch ps4

by trsorhaug

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punch ps4

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Am I the only one who's more or less irritated about the punch on right joystick on PS4? Lost so many battles when stressed caused by the punch

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Re: punch ps4

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You can change the button layout if it helps but how does one lose a gunfight that way? It's quite difficult to mash R3 unless you're trying to. Though speaking of punching, I hope they make it so the punch animation is reduced if our hit doesn't connect with anything, sometimes when I'm reloading and a enemy shows up I want to cancel it if there's enough a!mo for a quick duel so I punch but it takes so long that I eat a decent amount of bullets before I'm allowed to shoot again
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Re: punch ps4

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@Pretzelnutcake Personally I'm totally with you with a shorter "whiff" animation. I'll usually just weapon swap but that's not always smart. It'd make the early game punchouts more interesting too. 

@trsorhaug I've stress punched myself more than once. It's rare enough for me that it doesn't bother me as much, but as mention you can change the loadout. 

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Re: punch ps4

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I have tried to change the button layout, but I'm fond with the default, except this punch button. I think it would be easier if we could set up the controllers ourselves instead of choosing between five layouts.

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